A devil in a clown suit ?

A heart in a clowns suit? A devil under cover ?
Self-discovery sometimes raises ugly questions (and equally ugly answers)

But standing outside your frame, you look different
My mind perceives the strain that the eyes miss
Shaky smiles hide the turmoil of a youth you have not grown out off.
You play the clown , jim and anthony sing songs your heart desires.
A steady stream of bodies flow in and out of the void they will never fill
You call yourself “clueless” when you think no one is watching
But i am always looking … looking for the hole in your soul.
Is it over…and will you blow out the fame of your child hood.
So different from me…yet where we come from gives you the potential to be so much better than you have chosen to be…

I exist outside you…but i am connected to you
I stand by and watch you fail ….and do nothing
You must break flesh on white walls because my words of guidance arent good enough
Break flesh then…and be done…bleed and know for yourself the truth i speak
When healing and sense find you…you will know me again…

I promise i wont laugh … i promise i wont gloat…
I promise we will pick up pieces of you with balloon hearts and plan your bright future.

The heart in the clowns suit beats as does mine! The devil under cover wins only if you let him!

A devil in a clown suit ?
I think not !
You’re just someone who is lost and doesnt know it yet !


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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