A simple poem

I can help you unravel your greatest mistakes with a tender steady hand.
Show you why the malcontent will never find comfortable chairs
And how to tell wood from tree, Root from branch.
But instead my diary screams aloud of wisdom expunged onto deaf pages.

I can tell you how beautiful you look when you smile bathed in morning dew and first light
Explain why all those drops fall from petal to earth
And why humming birds hum in winter, spring and fall.
But instead i find my whispers floating on the wind crashing into hilltops.

You are rumoured to posses wonderful qualities but i see none.
Where do you expend your goodness? Do you waste it on fast friends and on parlor tricks for the rabble?
Why do words of wisdom fall on deaf ears ? How did you come to be lost to us?

Heres hoping you find your smile and virtue on journies chasing stars
And that before the end is in sight you realise who holds you closest.
Leave the wisdom for another day, throw out all the instruction books
Open your ears and see that today you are being written about.
You are legend.
In this moment you are …The Luckiest.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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