Angry words on tear stained pages

Misguided little entries in a diary of blue and gold
Told tales of my coming and of exploits of old.
Angry Tear stained pages with words of hate and spite
Did I thumb thru and peruise as you fell asleep that night.

I stayed awake till daybreak thinking of all you wrote.
And wondered if you knew the damage you did by omitting details when we spoke.
I cried for your losses and your pain and whished a great wish for you
when i closed my eyes and whispered ” Be forthright in all you do”.

Put faith in those that can shoulder it, never hold yourself back
Be aware of all your many virtues and be open about those you lack.
Relationships are much less about smoke screens , past baggage, or fairytale and whim
I pledge they are much more about truth and consequential things.

So holidays will come and go, but deeds will stay ever more
And fancy promises which fell on deaf years will be the pain you bore.
May good days find you in times of stife and may laughter find your eye
And may angry words on tear stained pages fade away and die.

Learn the right lessons, regret loss less than you do,
And your life will find the upswing that you long since said you knew.
Throw away that fragile ego, its purpose has long since been served
Find the woman you were meant to be and reap all you richly deserve.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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