Breaking Out

The world is a fast place…

Fast Food, ATMs, Instant Approvals and Express Checkout are the flavours of the century.
A view from the sky of any city on any given day will show you how ant like the human race has become – all doing the same things the same way for the same reasons. When you think about it…thats not surprising given that we have the same basic needs as ants – Survival, Food and Procreation.

It does however occur to me, that we have one thing ants dont have… A Brain and an ability to question .
Unfortunately, most of us never even use 10% of our mental capacity (Fact substantiated by science) and hence never step back to ask our selves one buring question – “To what end ?”
Another way to put it is “Where is this all going?”

I recently started asking myself questions…deep thought provoking ones like “Am i were i want to be? , Where do i need to get ? , What type of person would i like to get there with? , What is wrong with this picture? and many many more…

The reason i asked myself all these questions was because i became accutely aware of how tired i was feeling. It wasnt a physical fatigue…it was spiritual. And i realised that in order to regain and sustain my “vitality” and live a happy life… i would need to confront one thing…My way of living.

The end result …

  • I will not be an ant marching to the tune of a uniform world.
  • Run Less walk More.
  • Work and Life must be put in a Balance
  • Success comes to those who can see “the wood for the trees
  • The right people to make the journey with are essential.

Dont be an ant… be YOU.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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