Enjoy the Journey

How is it that some people go in search of love their whole life and it elludes them…and others who dont put too much stock in matters of the heart seem to find it thrown at them. This is the life we live….a strange, wonderful, mad, beautiful,crazy series of moments strung together …

In this my beautiful wonderful world
Fingers run thru a heads of curls
Dont know where and wence we came
How we got here or who is to blame.
All i know is that peace resides
In simple things and kind eyes.
No expectations no games of chance
Just laughter silly and affectionate glance.
These are the hours … an absence of strife
And this is my prayer for this , my life…

” God sometimes the best thing… is NOT knowing
Whence we come or where were going… ”

Enjoy the Journey…


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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