Enjoy the Silence – This talk show is on Mute

I find that my truest truths come to me in moments of unbridled anger. My minds eye is clear where most people’s get fogged up by emotion and irrationality.

Todays truth: 

It is extremely vital to the survival of any relationship to know when to tell the truth and when to bend it.  When to  force conversations with people you love and when to hold your tongue. What to promise because you can keep your word and what not to because you are doomed to break it in a moment of weakness. When “Shows” of solidarity matter and when they mean absolutely NOTHING.

Most importantly, it is extremely vital to see what i call “defining moments” and realise that if you choose poorly in the moment, things may never be the same.

My tongue and my ears are a talk show on mute… I will talk BUT say nothing…because there is nothing to say … words have become very unnecessary . From the looks of it …they always were.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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