Lucky Man (It’s just a change in me, or something in my liberty)

Ive never been one for smiling,Ive never been one to shout
Given up all the parties and the empty gad-about.
I thought about the world at large, seen its paths and ways
Every experience bringing me closer to whom i am today.
Ive lived my life inside the pit, amid the mud and grime
Elevated existance to the highest level , when my mountain i did climb.
Ive met many people along the way, all manner of cynic and clown
Listened to their stories , learned their ways, turned a few frowns upside down.
When time with them is at an end, born of need or pain
Im asked “who i am” and “why i was” and “what i stood to gain?”
My answer to all who ask me this (digest this if you can!)
Is simply my good woman or fellow …that i’m a “Lucky Man”.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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