O gracejo está em você.Sempre ser.

There are some people who like being the centre of attention. Whether its good or bad attention is of no consequence…as long as they are in the center. They like being the go-to for as many things as they can and orchestrate situations where the dynamics of power stay firmly in their favour.  Be it witholding information or confusing people alround them by jumping between opinions, saying one thing…doing another. Deflecting blame wherever they can as they are incapable of looking at themselves objectively.

These people , warped though they are..have hopes and dreams too which they keep close to their hearts, clutched and concealed for fear of loss and thieft.

Unfortunately for them, they are so busy with their Power trips and orchestras of confusion…that they end up..just that….Confused ! and they miss simple premises of life like… “Giving a situation what it needs,when it needs it.”

Instead, their malaise that surrounds them, sits there like a cloud, as they stare desperately outward in search of wisdom and answers from any source they can find (no matter how unlikely). They  hem and haw about why they feel so empty and alone…and why people leave them in the end but never get anywhere. Everything they touch fails in the area that means the most to them.

Sadly, all this is for naught….these words i mean. Because even in seeing themselves on these pages, they are incapable of real recognition of their plight. No happy ending, No warmth , Life denies them what they want most … and saddest of all…its because of them and them only…

The joke is  on them. And always will be till(Ever so simply) they give the situation what it needs.

Luck in finding your way…


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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