Salt Water

In some ancient cultures it is believed that water is the source of all life.

Let me tell you a story about water…
In the driest most arid desert of the human heart lies a drop of water.
And this drop if nurtured travels an interesting almost self actualizing journey as it changes from drop to brook to river to lake and then a mighty ocean.It touches you on the inside and breathes new life into parts of you that were thought dead.

Dry eyes now produce tears that give way to damp cheeks and fingers touch damp cheeks that testify unabashedly to the fact that we are truely alive.

We are reminded everyday by agents of politically correct society that we must quell these tears and dry ourselves out completely. That we must never show our fraigle faces to the world but instead smile thru it and make sense of sorrow and disappointment from within.Always from within.

But in our darkest hours and our saddest moments we are faced with one sole undeniable truth… the salt water on your pillow, the saline on your cheek, the drops on your clothes and the dampness that you rub off on the cheeks of those you let go or are letting go of you are the very things that make you live your humanity .

And for that moment…you are true…and free.

What will I think of me
The day that I die
Saltwater wells in my eyes…


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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