Secrets and Lessons

Ive learned that you can look good in pictures but be ugly on the inside
Ive learned that fast friends are lost even faster
And that people can be blinded by emotion (and even by reason)…

Ive learned that a Lack of Balance is a loss for one and a win for some.
And that holidays are just places you go to relax , not currency to buy affections.
Ive learned that some people will say alot (words are easy)
But can do very little to live up to them (because walking the line is tough).

Ive learned that people feel better when they think they know me (or have figured me out)
And i say ..let them think what they must to get thru the day.
As the world turns so does the world turn.
It doesnt ask us for permission but does so because that is its purpose.

Ive learned that everything is inside me….love, hate,emotion and analysis, benevolence,malice….
Silver Tongue. Sword Tongue.
And i command them at will to do my bidding and manipulate the fates of those around me.

We find happiness in the first place we looked for it as the people we were when we started our journey 😉

KOC 2007


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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