Shades of Grey

The Sky is Blue. The trees are green
As i sit in waking life and dream…
In metaphors of kingdoms of red and gold
and of tales and fables, both new and old.

As the world gets older (or is it newer?)
Colors fade and heroes fewer …
Brilliant hues dull in the suns bright light,
and vanish from skies and trees alike.

And all thats left in the desolate land,
are feeble excuses and slight of hand .
That rob the world of colours gay…
replacing them with convenient shades of grey.

If a lack of color is our cruel fate
Then let me say right out the gate
With no hesitation and very little tact …
This mans colors are firmly WHITE & BLACK.

Dedicated to the sure of hand and clear of purpose…


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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