Strange Allies with warring hearts

Emotion vs. Intellect… What a pair of strangers.
One argues for reason, the other for heart.
Both powerful forces.
Strange allies with warring hearts.
Can they truely co-exist and be happy for each others presence?


Emotions are a powerful thing and people who come bearing them do so without the knowledge that their emotions are both a boon and a curse because while they heighten conviction they destroy objectivity and intellect in the process.

I learned early on that you cannot and more importantly must not argue with emotional people.Its best to let them think they have won the day…Coz lets face it …they clearly appreciate the victory more.

In the end though …
Pick a side. Find a Place (and make it yours.)
This is the space between.
Me on my side.
You on yours.
And its all good.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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