The Gig is Up

The sad thing about people trying to live large is that at some point they start feeling like its something they owe their “public” and they end up feeling less alive if they encounter the daily hum-drum of real life.

There are also people who are shrouded in an intense need for being viewed as special…so special…that they forget that by exaggerating their own abilities…they also throw their own weaknesses into the spotlight for all the world to see.

I had a friend once, whose deep seated need for being viewed as special drove her to do and say many many petty things. She wasnt svelte …but claimed to have “a body” . She wasnt really as “sweet” as she felt she needed to be with everyone…but dripped honey in public and vitriol in private.
Needless to say i had to give up on her …her double life and the sharade she tried to make me part off was exhausting to me.

Ofcourse …this isnt a movie and people like that rarely learn lessons for any significant length of time.

Back to her old ways… creating the perfect trick for her captive audience…her magic show goes on….

I watch “shaking my head”…smiling as i am overcome with an intense surge of happiness from deep within me …im a free from this circus of smoke and mirrors . The magician breaks a sweat in private…thinking up new tricks with which to impress the jaded.

No applause here…ive been to the show…examined its execution …it is very -Unspecial.

… Fervent Activity does not breed Progress…
…Talent makes everything look effortless…
…Mutton should just be the best Mutton it can (and leave the lambs be)

…You are lost little girl…

The Magic Show goes on … but the lights are brighter now…and the audience isnt fooled… your presteige is passed…its time for a new act…


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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