The Paper Queen and Plastic Pirate at worlds end

A Paper Queen and a Plastic Pirate walking thru this land,
Marvelling at private jokes , singing hand in hand.
Looking for mysery and “A-ha” moments in people and in place.
Desperate for hints of sadness or remorse upon limpid face.

The Queen rejected , The Pirate locked out – for stink of petty mind
Narrow vision and Shallow concept make them sad and unkind.
2 went in and 2 should come out that is the heroes creed.
Concern yourself more with matters of your heart and your practical -spoken deeds.

Yes Misery loves company but stupid shall you feel
When perched on high with binoculars for many a year…no remorse do you see.
Golden hair (turned to white), Strong legs (turned tired and thin…)
Are your gifts from god and the universe …my wretched petty things.

Take your septre and your wooden parrot and play each other raw.
Go back to your families and childhood shantys and find happiness once more.
No more words for you will i ever spare or even ever think
You are the forgotten from now on… the dreggs of a tired drink.

I watch paper burn and pink plastic melt to sticky icky ooze
Not a Smile or Scowl upon my face, nothing to win or lose.
Life is more than “these toys” will ever know or are ever likely to have met
Glad we had this conversation …now leave ..Go on GET !!


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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