The Party of My Existance….

Welcome to the party of my existance
Everyone i know is here.Watching.Waiting .
I stand still and silent and smile and bow.
The show they have come to see – “What will i do next.”

They stand there daring me to make a move,
Lift a foot from the floor – anything !
Asking me to forget those days ever happened.

I stand still..a statue by day, a samurai by night
They wait and watch …squinting in the darkness..
…At phantom outlines in the dead calm.
Not approaching for fear of pain to them and their fragile egos.

And when the day breaks again…
Their eyes squint on… but now in disbelief.
My footsteps mark white floors..down to where the garden begins.
I am gone.

My ring is on my finger, A song of the shire on my lips…
I am misunderstood …And deep down i know i always will be.
Maybe I am something best not explained…but understood. 
You may never understand.
Silent Life gets easier with every step…
Off you go…on to the next Mystery.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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