Watching Words

There are alot of words out there. Feelings, thoughts, opinions , anecdotes. I read them, deconstruct them, re-construct them and read again. They almost never read the same way. Some are misguided, others relevant, but its the ones that are so detatched from reality that always stay with me. The ones which scream, “i dont know why things go wrong, it must be the world i live in”.  The ones that lie to themselves about everything that is wrong with themselves and the world at large because reality isnt as “palateable”.

Those are the ones that linger, and make me think:

” I wonder if they knew the moment where their actions drowned out their words and said volumes more about who they really were.?” I wonder how they will feel in the moment where they realise that their best attempt isnt good enough. I wonder about the sweet lies they will tell themselves , friends & family in order to get thru the day. I wonder if they know how transparent they are ?

Like i said… there are alot of words out there… and people to agree with them without question .  That is their right and plight. To nod their head at words without thought in the hope that the same favour will be returned one day.

Their Anthem: “No lies here…just a bending of the truth alittle (and besides…it makes me feel better about myself)”

Applause. Cheer and the Absolute Crutch.

But,you’re home little ones, no one can harm you now. You’re safe within the blankets of your distorted realities. Rest your head and sleep a while. Dream some more of rivers and candy.

Dont mind me…Ill be around. Watching.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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