Why the world doesnt need a Superman anymore

When they created superman in the 1930s…they created him in an age where people still aspired to be good in a world which was and still is more bad.

They created him as a symbol of virtue and kindness and quiet strength for people at a time when we needed a more modern ideal for what god was.

When they created superman, they didn’t use a person of this world, but instead chose to create him from an alien planet. (Maybe because they realized that no one would believe that a single human being could possess all these qualities)

Somewhere along the way, the world took a turn for the worse ….the evil grew. Hope was fleeting and the lines between right and wrong grew blurry, fueled by clever isms like “There is no black and white, just shades of grey.” coined by convenient people.

Superman fell in to shadow, and it was only fitting that they had to INVENT someone like DOOMSDAY (ironic name) to end him.

To most, this may sound like some story about the history of superman…to me it is a Sign of things to come.

Superman was based on a single premise…that people WANTED to be innately good… sadly superman doesn’t work in a world where people have given up and sold out to the blackness within them…losing their desire to try to be better human beings.

He went from being a hero, to someone that is viewed by people as one dimensional and boring.

Most people will never realize why superman chose to hide behind the guise of a character like Clark Kent and why the creators created a character like Bizzaro and Bizzaro World.
Most wouldn’t know what to do with the answer if they could figure it out.

This is why I don’t surround myself with “Most people” and its why it saddens me when I see a person who started out good, give in because …damn it …the world just doesn’t appreciate them and their ideals; And worse…makes them feel bad that they aspire to have them in the first place.

For all these reasons … the world doesn’t need a superman anymore.


~ by koc1978 on August 3, 2007.

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